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Ce750 at g p10

VGA / USB / Audio Cat5 Extender 200 m

€ 329,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Productcode CE750-AT-G
EAN code 4,71042E+12
Netto gewicht 1,84 Kg
Afmetingen (l,b,h) 330 x 215 x 105 cm
The CE750 is a USB based KVM Extender with automatic signal compensation and RS-232 serial functionality that allows access to a computer system from a remote USB console (USB keyboard, monitor, and USB mouse).
Because it allows access to a computer system from a remote console, the CE750 is perfect for use in any type of installation where you need to place the console where it is conveniently accessible, but you want the system equipment to reside in a safe location ?away from the dust and dirt of the factory floor, or the harsh environmental influence of a construction site, for example.
The CE750 improves on previous designs by the addition of an RS-232 port, on both the Local and Remote Units, that allows you to connect to a serial terminal for configuration (Local Unit), or serial devices such as touchscreens and barcode scanners (Remote Unit)

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